Create Your Own Training Level Musical Freestyle! Sample Videos of Good Choreography & Music Selection

Have you always wanted to ride a musical freestyle? Getting started at Training Level is a great way to get your feet wet and learn how the entire process works. 

In this post, I have shared some examples of Training Level musical freestyles and reasons why they are good, from my experience judging dressage schooling shows.  (I am a USDF "L" Graduate and a freestyle designer). 

If you need extra help creating your freestyle, you will find pre-choreographed routines and tips for finding music in my Training Level eBook.  

Watch these videos for freestyle inspiration!
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Video #1: Music Suitable to the Type & Character of the Horse
This is a snazzy freestyle showing smart choreography and music choice.

  • Jazz music matches the smooth gaits and handsome physique of the horse.
  • Music seamlessly matches choreography and tempo of horse's gaits.
  • Balanced use of arena space.
  • Good use of short diagonals on the first and final centerline.

Well done!  

Video #2: Patterns Accomplished with Ease and Graceful Choreography and Music

This is a beautiful freestyle showing ease of accomplishing choreographic patterns.

  • Recognizable music matches the rhythm and tempo of the horse's stride- it also sounded like they edited the music to speed up and slow down the beats to match the horse.
  • Choreography flows well with the transitions. 
  • Music matches the horse's floating gaits, particularly the free walk.
  • Balanced use of patterns. 

This pair work well together!

Video #3: Obvious Trust and Synchrony Between Horse and Rider

This team showcased a positive connection throughout this sweet freestyle. PLEASE NOTE that this freestyle was ridden in 2014 before the freestyle tests were updated by USDF. 

  • Music is upbeat and punchy and reflects this young horse/rider's personality.
  • Choreography matches music and  transitions.
  • An obvious sense of unity and contentment between horse and rider.
  • Good use of the space and nicely designed patterns.

Wonderful job!

Video #4: Recognizable Music that Matches Horse's Character

This pair performed a well-designed routine to cute, recognizable music.

  • Plucky, fun music from the Shrek soundtrack that matches the horse's tempo of gaits.
  • Transitions in music are obvious and match the choreography.
  • Nicely designed patterns that are accomplished with ease.
  • Horse and rider team demonstrated trust and confidence.

Great performance!

Video #5: Have some Fun with a little Rock N' Roll!

This pair performed a freestyle with a good degree of difficulty. 

  • Energetic music that changed with the gaits.
  • Transitions in music are obvious and match the choreography.
  • Smooth serpentine lines and difficult canter transitions. 
  • Music was edited well for the beginning and final halts.

If you need help developing your freestyle take a peek at sample pages from my eBook, the link is below. The book includes 10 pre-choreographed tests that you can choose from and add your own music to! You will find everything you need to create your own Training Level musical freestyle in the eBook.

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Have fun creating!