Come see us at the Equine Affaire! 2014 Schedule & Booth Information

Hey there everyone! I am really looking forward to the Equine Affaire this year because I have my own booth and TWO horses with me! It is going to be super busy but hopefully a lot of fun as well. I wanted to post our schedule so you know exactly how to find me and the horses if you happen to be going this year.

Find my Booth:
I am in the Better Living Center booth #814. When you go in the main door hang a slight right and head towards the middle of the building. Look for the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle sign on the aisle 800 corner. Hang a right and I am the second booth on the right next to WoofHoof. I will not be in the booth at all times but I have some awesome helpers that can answer all your questions. Elisha Harvey, Sue French, Hannah French, my mother-in-law Bethanne Ragaglia (who writes the poems on the shirts) and my mother Peggy Beaulieu will all be my helping hands at the event. Special thanks to them!

Riding Douwe in the Friesian demo back in 2012.

Riding Douwe in the Friesian demo back in 2012.

Booth Sales & Raffles:

I will have my tee shirts on sale, buy one for $25 and each additional shirt is only $20. I will also have a 50% OFF sale rack with random products like long-sleeve shirts, my dog tee shirts, and some leather bags. Make sure to sign up for my free raffle for a chance to win a $75 Gift Certificate!! Just enter your email on the sign-up sheet. 

Visit the Horses:
Douwe and Rovandio will be in the stabling area under DD Performance Horses in the Friesian aisle. Our section is near the door that leads to the indoor warm-up arena. I am sorry I don't have exact stall numbers but I will try to post those on my Facebook page once I get there.

Watch the Demos:
Thursday: Douwe will be performing his tricks in the Youth Pavilion on Thursday at 12:45 pm for the Friesian demo. We are bringing his pedestal and he will be showing off his many silly tricks like smile, kiss, spanish walk, rear, and standing on the pedestal. Come meet my silly Friesian who has a huge personality! Rovandio will be doing a meet & greet at the IALHA booth (International Andalusian Lusitano Horseshow Association) in the Breed Pavilion building from 2:15--5:00 pm. Douwe will also be in the Breed Pavilion during that time in the IFSHA stall on the back side of the Andalusian stall. I would love to introduce you to Rovandio and Douwe so please come by! 

Friday: Rovandio will be performing in the Andalusian/Lusitano demo in the Mallory South building at 4:15 on Friday. We were planning to ride with dancer Lydia Rose Spencer but unfortunately she is unable to come. So.....I have put together a little routine last minute and hopefully Rovy will be confident by himself in the arena. This is his first time at an event this large and so far away from home. But he loves to perform so I hope he will be a superstar and we can have fun dancing together. After the demo make your way to the IALHA booth to chat with all the demo riders. Rovandio will be doing another meet & greet at the IALHA stall from 5:30-7:00 pm and I will be there to answer any questions. 

Saturday: Douwe will be in the Friesian demo in the Mallory South building at 1:00 pm on Saturday. We will going in towards the end of the demo and will have our pedestal. I am not exactly sure what we will be performing because it mostly depends on Douwe's mood. If he is relaxed and confident then I am hoping to try some of our advanced movements. If he is nervous we have plenty of tricks we can still perform and help gain his confidence. Meet us at his stall after the demo and maybe Douwe will smile for the camera!

Thank you to Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle!
They have been SOOO supportive for the past few years, helping with Douwe's stall expenses at the Equine Affaire. I ride both Douwe and Rovandio in their bridles and I am so happy to support their business. Make sure to visit their booth to find out more information, it is conveniently located right across from mine!!!

Riding Douwe in the Friesian demo back in 2012 with Danielle Barrasso on her stallion Steffen S. Danielle owns DD Performance Horses and I will have Douwe & Rovandio in her stall area.

Riding Douwe in the Friesian demo back in 2012 with Danielle Barrasso on her stallion Steffen S. Danielle owns DD Performance Horses and I will have Douwe & Rovandio in her stall area.