First Finished Art on Horseback Painting!

I am feeling quite overwhelmed to share this has been two years since I had the inkling of an idea. I wondered if it was possible to create a painting while riding a horse. I couldn't stop thinking about it and it took awhile to figure out all the logistics but I finally have my first finished piece. After two practice canvases I was able to finish this piece I am calling Prancing Water Horse...

Art on Horseback

This painting will always hold a special place in my heart. :) This particular painting is made up of two canvases that are 36"x48" each so it makes a full 4 foot by 6 foot canvas. The background was created first using a paint roller at the trot and canter, using the movements of the horse to help mix the colors. I also rubbed the paint onto the canvas directly with my hands and created the drips with a water bottle. I let the canvas dry and then turned it upside down before I painted the horse. Rovandio and I had to work together in the collected movements so that I could paint while also remaining in motion. We used piaffe, spanish walk, some collected canter and rein-back to help me land the final brushstrokes. This painting is an expression of my passion for the art of riding. Please help me share my story so that I can help inspire others to turn their dreams into reality. :)

Art on Horseback

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