Guy McLean - 2012 Theatre Equus

It's not the buckles or the trophies
That drive me to succeed
But more the chance to understand
My deep and burning need...

Of sharing with another...
Something special and Devine
That only can be found
When we transcend the hands of time..

And reach into the moment
Where only two exist
And find that place of quiet
That can only be called Bliss

Where the world around us melts away
And just our union now remains
And that is why I strive so hard
Till 'Horseman' is my name.
Guy McLean

Guy is definitely my favorite cowboy! He is also an excellent poet, as shown above. Here is a video of him with his horses at the Theatre Equus in 2012. I was in the audience and filmed his routine. He has so much fun with his horses- he is relaxed, creative, and has a great sense of humor! He inspired me to try riding Rovandio with Douwe at liberty, and they love it. Enjoy!

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