Aanstadt-Das Breeches

From Sandra: I have been wearing Sonya's breeches for many years and they are the most comfortable full seat breeches you will ever wear! The deerskin leather is fantastic and has grip without being restrictive like other full-seat materials. Her design is very flattering and works really well with shadbelly coats or with corsets and costumes. She uses many different materials and each one is soft, has the right amount of stretch, and is very durable. Recently she created this new, custom pair of breeches for the film I am in called Falcyyr.  The breeches were the perfect fit for my costume! I highly recommend these breeches to anyone that wants to be comfortable and unique!

Visit their Website: http://www.aanstadtdasbreeches.com/

Visit their Etsy page to browse their current inventory: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AanstadtDasBreeches

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