Rovandio is a very special, intelligent horse. He is owned by my mother-in-law Bethanne Ragaglia, the talented poet who writes all the poems you see on this site. Fondly known as "Rovy", he is currently progressing well in his training and taking on more important roles as a performance horse.


Rovy was born at Isaac Royal Farm in 2001.  His sire was Conversano Julianna II, a Lipizzan that Carole had owned for many years. His mother was Andivar, an Andalusian/Thoroughbred cross. Even though Rovy is only 1/4 Andalusian he looks and feels like a full bred. An interesting fact about Rovy's upbringing, he had to share his mother with another foal who had to be taken away from her aggressive mother. Andivar was a first-time mother but was happy to care for two!


I have shown Rovy at Training, First, and Second level through getting consistent scores in the high 60's to low 70's. He is very steady and trustworthy in the ring. We have been schooling tempi changes, piaffe, canter pirouettes, canter halfpass and playing with medium trot. He is very smooth to ride but there-in lies the challenge so he doesn't sneak out from under the rider. It has been a challenge to help him tuck under the hind end and now we are trying to develop some suspension in the trot. He also knows how to perform spanish walk, rear and he has recently learned to stand on a pedestal and talk like Mr. Ed. He loves to get all dressed up and perform with veils and his favorite dancer Lydia.


Rovy is certainly smart and he knows it. He has been raised with a loving hand and acts a little entitled at times. He can be spunky and loves to play with the other horses in the paddock. He shows a lot of pride in his training and you can see him look over at the "audience" when he has done something particularly difficult. I can ride Rovy with very subtle aids because he is so sensitive and responsive. This is his first year performing with Douwe and showing away from home.

Art on Horseback

Rovy is my special art partner in a unique art form I call "Art on Horseback". I create large paintings while riding Rovy, using dressage movements like piaffe, collected canter, pirouettes, and rein-back to help land my brush strokes. I use acrylic paint, brushes, my hands, and water to create the paintings. 

Visit my special ART on HORSEBACK website to see a gallery of our paintings.