Hello! My name is Sandra Beaulieu, I am the owner/artist/and all things related to Begin the Dance with Sandra Beaulieu. It is my wish to share my knowledge and experience with others that desire a more harmonious partnership with their horse. Thank you so much for visiting my website! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist
  • USDF "L" Graduate with distinction
  • MDS Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Medalist
  • Masters Graduate of the Isaac Royal Academy of Classical Dressage
  • Bitless Bridle Instructor Appointed by Dr. Cook
  • Numerous year-end awards through EMDA, MDS, and NEFHC
  • Equine Coordinator and Actress in indie films Essential Realism and online TV series Falcyyr
  • Rider for equine team working on a major motion picture
  • Award winning musical freestyle designer
  • Exhibitions performed at venues including the Equine Affaire, FHANA Keuring, NEDA Symposium, Dances with Horses, Grand Oaks Resort in Ocala, and others...
  • Live art performances "Art on Horseback", a unique art form for non-profit organizations including Triple R Horse Rescue, and
  • Presenter at the Equine Affaire (2017) for Art on Horseback

Riding Background:
I began my formal training at the Isaac Royal Academy of Classical Dressage when I was 13 years old. My coach, Carolyn Rose, runs a European-style riding program that gives students the opportunity to train horses from the day they are born to the upper levels of dressage. In 2009 I graduated the Masters Program having competed to Grand Prix and training numerous horses to Fourth Level and above. It was during this training program that I earned my MDS and USDF Rider Medals on horses that were owned by Carolyn.

I have also been a working student for FEI "C" Judge Gabriel Armando in Wellington, FL and ridden in  clinics with Jodie Kelly, Kim Schissler, Heidi Herriott, Kathy Connelly, and Sarah Jane Clarke. I also had the wonderful opportunity to ride at the Escola de Equitacao de Alcainca in Portugal under the instruction of Georges Malleroni.

Art Background: 
Ever since I fell in love with horses at the age of 7 I began to draw them constantly. During high school I was in the advanced placement art class where I studied Chinese calligraphy, a skill I would use again later on. I started Equine Spirit Art when I graduated high school and etched horse designs into wooden objects like peg racks, jewelry boxes, and toy chests. In 2009 I was inspired by my aunt Evelyn King to create a horse design for a silver pendant. The lines could not touch because the design would be laser-cut out of the silver. Using my calligraphy drawing skills I created the Spirit Horse design and that inspired my current collection of designs. I love to explore different avenues of art, working with different mediums, textures, and always trying to think outside the box. This year (2014) I began to create art on horseback, an idea I had over two years ago. I ride Rovandio by a large canvas, using dressage movements to help me land the right brushstrokes. Click here to visit the Art on Horseback webpage.

About My Business:
Since 2009 my products have been seen at popular equine venues like the Equine Affaire in MA and OH, the Horse World Expo in PA, Everything Equine in VT, Red Hills Horse Trials in FL, and many other dressage & Friesian shows throughout New England. I have also sold products to popular catalogs including Wild Horsefeathers and Dressage Extensions. My products have also been featured in magazines like Horse Illustrated, Dog Fancy and Dressage Today. On the dressage side of my business I offer private lessons, clinics, and training. I love to teach and inspire others to think of riding as a dance, to be more positive in their training and to help them understand the language of the horse in a better way.

Acting & Modeling:

I have done some print modeling, commercial acting, and film work starting in  2010 when I was cast in a Taylor Swift's music video "Mine"  and even made it into People Magazine from a photo taken at the shoot. I have acted in a handful of commercials including a jewelry commercial for "Hearts on Fire" (see video below), CUPromise in their "Zero is Bad" campaign (see video below), Hardy Wolfe & Downing law offices, the Vermont Lottery, and the Maine Tourism Office. In 2012 I was the featured model for the "Meals in Minutes" campaign by Hannaford Supermarket that was showcased in all their stores. Douwe and I worked together on the set of Indie film called Essential Realism directed by Alan Dillingham (not released). In 2014 Douwe, Rovandio, and I worked on another indie film called Falcyyr.  Click here to go behind the scenes on my blog. 

Sample Talent Work:

Sample Commercials/Videos: