Dressage Musical Freestyle E-Book

This EBook will help you create a Dressage Musical Freestyle from start to finish, for any level! Go through the entire process step by step, with simple and advanced ways to find freestyle music, create choreography, and to edit music. You can also join the Create Your Own Musical Freestyle Facebook Group where you can ask questions and share your freestyle videos to gain valuable feedback from a community of like-minded, creative equestrians! This ebook includes:

  • Smartphone Apps and Online Resources
  • Creative Freestyle Questionnaire 
  • Chapter Checklists & Worksheets
  • Blank Choreography Pages 
  • Overview of Rules, Requirements, all the Details
Just finished downloading and printing out your Freestyle Training Level “book”, and so far it looks EXTREMELY helpful!! Really like all the questions at the beginning that help you narrow down what kind of music to look for! Also love the information on how each movement is judged, what is most important to focus on, and how to choose what gaits to use or avoid the most based on rider AND horse capability! I would never have thought of some of this!
— Karen Lendvay

Freestyle Choreography E-Books (by level)

Each E-Book features 10 Pre-Choreographed Routines for you to use for your freestyle. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced versions included along with a review of Required, Allowed, and Forbidden Movements.