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Freestyle Book Resources

Welcome! If you are viewing this page it means that you have purchased a copy of my freestyle book. It is my desire to help you begin the dance with your horse, whether that is for training, competition, or exhibition. If you have come across this page and you do not have a copy of my book you can find it here…..

The links and resources are listed in page order so that you can easily search and scroll. If you have questions or comments you can email me at

pg. XXX Links to Current Freestyle Tests

United States Dressage Federation (Training-Fourth Level Freestyle)
Western Dressage Association of America (Basic-Fourth Level Freestyle)
Federation Equestrian International (Young Rider - Grand Prix Freestyle)

pg. XX Music Friendly Clothing

Fishing, Hunting, Sports Vests with Pockets
Cell Phone Holder for Riders by Woofhoof
Cell Phone Holder by The Horse Holster
Article to Make Your Own Cell Phone Holder
Saddle Pad with Pocket for Cell Phone

pg. XX Music Editing Software Options

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Blank Choreography Page

Use this diagram page to draw your freestyle choreography…download and print as many copies as you need!

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Freestyle Checklist

Use this checklist to stay motivated and on track with your musical freestyle!

Dressage Musical Freestyle Designers in the USA Resource Guide.jpg

Musical Freestyle Designers in the USA

Just in case you need help or decide to go with a custom freestyle. PDF includes links to individual websites.

Freestyle Book Costume Resources image.jpg

Online Resources for Amazing Costumes

Need help finding costume pieces?

Freestyle Book Horse Tack Resources.jpg

Online Resources for Horse Tack & Accessories

Incredible bridles, saddles, and much more!

pg. XXX Pinterest Boards for Exhibition Riding

Costume Inspiration (over 7,000 pins!)
Warrior Goddess Costume Inspiration
Steampunk Costume Inspiration
Fairy Inspiration Board
Greek Goddess Costume Inspiration
Jazz & Great Gatsby Costume Inspiration
Medieval Costume Inspiration
Elven Costume Inspiration
Marie Antoinette Costume Insipration
Makeup & Hair Ideas
Grooming Tips for Performance Horses

pg. XXX YouTube Tutorial Videos for Exhibition Riding

Horse Tack DIY
Horse Braids & Accessories
Basic Makeup Techniques
Creative Makeup Techniques
Creative Hair Techniques
Wig Tutorials

pg. XXX Etsy Boards for Exhibition Riding

Costume Inspiration (over 200 listings)
Creative Makeup Accessories
Costume Wigs
Horse Tack & Accessories
Warrior Goddess Costume Ideas
Game of Thrones Costume Ideas
Pirate Costume Ideas
Steampunk Gothic Costume Ideas
Unicorn & Fairy Costume Ideas
Medieval & Renaissance Costume Ideas
Fairytale Costume Ideas

pg. XXX Facebook Groups to Find Horse Tack

Horse & Rider Costumes Medieval, Baroque, Heritage, Fantasy. Buy/Sell/Trade
Friesian & Baroque Horse Tack Exchange
Fantasy Photo Shoots {Equine}
Pearl-Schabracken Manufaktur
Show Me Horse, Donkey, or other Pet Costumes!

pg. XXX Facebook Groups Related to Musical Freestyle & Exhibition Riding

Create a Dressage Musical Freestyle
Musical Freestyles (Dressage Kur)
Musical Freestyle Dressage
Fantasy Photo Shoots {Equine}
International Liberty Horse Association

pg. XXX Bareback Pads

ThinLine Bareback Pad
Sheepskin Luxury Bareback Pad
Iberian Style Sheepskin Bareback Pad
Leather and Suede Top Bareback Pad

pg. XXX Bridleless Neckropes (aka Cordeos)

Paracord Neckrope by LittleSharkEquine on Etsy
Rope Necroses by Rope Horse Tack
Paracord Neckrope by Rocky Mountain Cord on Etsy
Decorative Neckropes by EQEquineArt on Etsy
Marine Cord Neckrope by Julie Goodnight