Ready to Take Action Towards Your Dressage Musical Freestyle? Time to Gather Resources...Part One

 Learn how to create a dressage musical freestyle.   Click here.

Learn how to create a dressage musical freestyle.  Click here.

After you have clarified your goals and decided on a course of action, you will need tools and resources to begin your freestyle journey. The internet has made the freestyle creation process a lot easier, with more apps and tools being added all the time.

I have broken down my favorite resources into five categories: free downloads, books, apps, and video tutorials, and local resources. There are a good variety of free and paid resources, even if you are on a tight budget you will find what you need to work on your freestyle. 

Free Downloads

I would love to add more free resources to this list. If you are a freestyle designer or if you have found some helpful free downloads online, please send me an email ( so I can add them here. 

> Stay Organized with a Complete Musical Freestyle Checklist - Free Download - Scroll to the Bottom of this Page

> Begin Sketching Choreography with my Blank Arena Diagram page for sketching Choreography - Free Download - Scroll to the Bottom of this Page

> Looking for a freestyle designer? Check out my blog post with a complete list of Freestyle Designers in the USA.

Freestyle Books & e-Books

I would love to add more books and eBooks to this list. If you have read a helpful freestyle book or you have written one, please send me an email ( so I can add it here. 

Dressage Musical Freestyle - From A to Z, an eBook to guide you through the Seven Phases of creating a Musical Freestyle. Written by Sandra Beaulieu (me!).

> Choreography eBook for Training Level with 26 pages of choreography ideas and 10 pre-choreographed routines to choose from. 

> Choreography eBook for First Level with 37 pages of choreography ideas and 10 pre-choreographed routines to choose from.

> Choreography eBook for Second Level with 35 pages of choreography ideas and 10 pre-choreographed routines to choose from. 

> Dancing With Your Horse written by Libby Anderson and Leigh Ann Hazel-Groux. Hardcover written in 2003.

> Dressage to Music: Build a Freestyle From Choreography to Competition written by Claire Lilley. Hardcover written in 2008.

Dressage Musical Freestyle Smartphone Apps online resources Begin the Dance Kur Design.png

Smartphone Apps

Here are some popular apps to help with the freestyle process. Most of these apps are available on both iPhone and Android but I have only included links to the iTunes store. Send me an email ( if you have found another useful app that you think I should be added to this list.

> USDF EquiTests 1 - Have the USDF Freestyle Tests available for quick reference.

> BPM by Cheebow - Use this app to find your horse's BPM (beats per minute) and to check the BPM of individual songs.

> EquiTempo - Use this app to practice riding to a consistent beat, acts as a metronome. 

> Spotify - Use this app to search for freestyle music and save playlists.

> EquiSketch Dressage - Use this app to draw and save freestyle choreography on your phone. 

Join the Seven Day Freestyle Challenge!

The purpose of this challenge is to help you overcome the biggest hurdle keeping you from the show arena...getting started! The challenge will help you gain momentum with small, daily action steps, inspiration, and encouragement to continue. You don't have to do this challenge in seven days, you can take as much time as you need. However, I do recommend that you go in order to follow the natural progression of your journey.  

Action Step for Today:

Go to the Create a Musical Freestyle Facebook Group and share a resource that you have decided to use. Take action (download free resource or download an app) and let the group know which resource you chose and why.  Enter "Challenge Day Three" into the Search Bar to find the post for you to share your path and engage with others.

Taking action on smaller decisions will help gain momentum towards the larger goal of finishing your freestyle. I will be there to cheer you on and you will have fun connecting with other riders that are taking the challenge as well. 

Download My Free Resources

Stay organized with my Musical Freestyle Checklist and begin sketching choreography with my Blank Arena Diagram Page.

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