Sandra & Douwe perform an "Outlander" inspired freestyle - Bitless, Bridleless, and at Liberty

I love watching the Outlander tv series and have been in love with the soundtrack. The songs are dramatic, beautiful, and have an lighthearted quality that fits Douwe's personality really well. Douwe injured his knee a month before this event and I barely had a chance to ride him the week of the show. I brought Rovandio with us as a backup and ended up performing both of them and they felt great. I tend to be more creative on a deadline so I found myself putting together a brand new routine just days before the show, editing the music and pulling together a costume from my collection. I am so happy with how the routine turned out and Douwe really enjoyed himself. We even popped in a few tempi changes even though we haven't practiced those in months! The music gives me goosebumps to ride and I am looking forward to the next time I can perform this routine and keep improving our performance.