Beautiful Dancer SAILS with Andalusian Horse

"When I dance, the sun sails safely through the night;
When I dance, the future is formed by my feet;
When I dance, the stars move through the heavens;
When I dance, Venus shimmers the desert;
When I dance, dust becomes silver, stones are made of gold!"
Cosi Fabian

This video was shot back in 2013. I am riding Rovandio (Andalusian/Lipizzan gelding) bitless with my good friend, and dancer, Lydia Rose Spencer. The footage is from Isaac Royal Farm in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, a picturesque setting. The video was created by Alan Dillingham, the director I worked with on the indie film Essential Realism, Frost Bite and a short film called Invasion. It was a COLD and WINDY day but Rovandio was excellent. I was planning to ride Douwe but he wasn't quite himself so Rovy filled in and was superb. Only one day to practice with Lydia dancing and he figured it out in a snap. Make sure you see the part where Lydia defies gravity in her split leaps at the 2 minute mark! Enjoy!

Article in "the Friesian" Magazine- My Top 7 Training Struggles with my Friesian Horse Douwe

I wrote this article for "the Friesian" magazine that is created by the Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA). They send out a quarterly magazine to their members and this was included in their January/February issue (2015). They were very gracious to let me share the article on my blog. I want to send out a big THANK YOU to the editor Laurie Bell for creating such a beautiful article layout with all the photos. This article is under copyright of FHANA and cannot be shared without their permission. There is a list of resources and links that I mention in the article located at the bottom of the post.

Please visit their website if you want more information about the Friesian Breed and their organization:

Included in this article:
Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle:
Falcyyr Film (Ahura Diliiza):
Custom Tack Created by Lisa Oberman:
Isaac Royal Academy of Equestrian Arts (Carolyn Rose):
Heidi Herriot Trick Training:
Lydia Rose Bellydance:
Custom Breeches Worn in Falcyyr made by Aanstadt-Das:
Safe Haven Farm in Durham, ME:

Sandra & Douwe Cast in a new Film, FALCYYR!

I am excited to announce that Douwe and I have been cast in another Maine film called FALCYYR. My character is Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. Filming will begin this May in Standish, ME. I met the director, Ahura Diliiza on the set of Frost Bite, a film directed by Alan Dillingham. I was cast as a news reporter in a scene with Ahura, in which he played one of the main characters. Douwe will also be in some of the scenes that will be filmed during the summer months. I am looking forward to practicing my acting skills, learning some sword fighting, wearing some great costumes and of course...riding my beautiful horse in another film!

Plot Outline (taken from the Falcyyr Facebook page):
Five women are chosen by the Fates at the request of Odin (the Great All-Father of the Nordic gods) to be trained, empowered and transformed into legendary beings known as Valkyrie. These four women are chosen from different time periods and backgrounds as the gods are not limited by time and space. Each of them are plucked moments before the time of their demise and given a choice to serve Asgard and therefore the world of Earth, or be placed back within the grasp of oblivion. Once transformed they will save the earth from an aggressive alien race that views humanity as a source of food.

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You can also visit their website with photos and blog posts from last year's filming.

The director Ahura, shown in the photo, will be playing Thor the God of Thunder in this film. They have done some filing over the past few years and hope to finish by fall of this year, 2014.

The director Ahura, shown in the photo, will be playing Thor the God of Thunder in this film. They have done some filing over the past few years and hope to finish by fall of this year, 2014.