Magical Quotes about Unicorns and Fairytales with Beautiful Photography

We all want to believe in magic, fairytales, and of course....unicorns! I have chosen some of my favorite quotes and images for you to save and share on social media to inspire your friends, family, and fans. If you have a beautiful unicorn quote that you would like to share please go to the Fantasy Photo Shoots Facebook Group

I hope this collection of quotes inspires you. All of the images feature my horse Douwe the Amazing Friesian, he is my real-life unicorn. If you want to turn your horse into a unicorn click here.

Unicorn Quotes Inspiring Magic Imagination Henry David Thoreau flower girl fantasy fairytale Friesian horse Sandra Beaulieu Kimberly Chason.png
Fantasy Photo Unicorn Fairy Princess Medieval Friesian Fairytale Horse Magical Quotes Sandra Beaulieu.png
Fantasy World Quote Horse Friesian Unicorn Begin the Dance.jpg
Horse Quotes Richard Scott Equine Inspiring Unicorn Friesian Sandra Beaulieu Begin the Dance Motivation Success.png
Unicorn Quotes Inspiring Magical Legend movie flower girl fantasy fairytale Friesian horse Sandra Beaulieu Kimberly Chason.png
Be Fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire quote horse Friesian medieval.png

Ready to turn your horse into a unicorn?

Unicorns and horses are both creatures that fuel our imaginations, showing us a different way of being in the world, allowing us to be maidens, princesses, knights, and faeries.

What do you envision for your unicorn photo shoot? Something light and ethereal? Or perhaps something a little dark and mysterious? This blog post shares online resources for you to find the right Unicorn Horn for your photo shoot.