What Path Should you Choose for your Musical Freestyle? DIY? Custom? A little bit of both? Learn the Pros and Cons...

 Learn how to create a dressage musical freestyle.   Click here.

Learn how to create a dressage musical freestyle.  Click here.

After you have clarified your goals and defined a timeline for your freestyle you will need to decide which path to choose. Do you have the time and energy for DIY freestyle or would you rather pass along the task to a professional?

There are a variety of ways to complete a musical freestyle but for the sake of simplicity I have broken it down into three paths to help you narrow your focus.

Here are the pros and cons of the three Freestyle Paths you might choose from:

Do-It-Yourself - Slow & On a Tight Budget

Creating a musical freestyle can be a very rewarding experience. On the flip side it takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you are new to freestyle design. That is why I have taken the time to write Dressage Musical Freestyle - From A to Z, an eBook designed to guide you through the process. Interested? Click here. 

* Cheapest Option
* Learn the Process
* Edit as Often as you Like (especially after each show based on judge's commentary)
* Express your Creativity
* Feel a Sense of Accomplishment

* It can be Frustrating
* It will probably take a lot Longer
* You will probably run into Tech Issues
* You will face Setbacks
* You may not reach your Show Deadline

 Learn how to design your very own Dressage Musical Freestyle.  Click here

Learn how to design your very own Dressage Musical Freestyle. Click here

With Some Help - Fast on a Moderate Budget

This is the route I see many adult amateurs take. They want to stay on a budget but are not quite capable, or confident, to put in the extra time to learn the tech side of freestyle design. Typically, riders will outsource the music editing because they are not familiar with editing software. It is a smart decision considering the learning curve can be quite frustrating! I have ideas and resources to help you during this process and choreography eBooks that take the guesswork out of choreography design. Click here to learn more.

* Learn the Process
* Outsource the Parts you Don't want to Do
* Outsource the Part you Don't have the Skills to Do
* Express your Creativity
* Feel a Sense of Accomplishment

* Costs more to purchase Pre-Made music or Hire Help
* You may run into Tech Issues
* You may not reach your Show Deadline
* You may have Trouble finding good Help

Save Time and Energy - Go with a Custom Freestyle

If you are a professional rider that is too busy with training clients and competitions, this is your best option. Adult amateur riders that are competitive and going to a lot of recognized shows will also benefit from a professional's touch. Every designer has a unique creation process and style to their freestyles. I personally am drawn to soundtracks that evoke strong emotions for the rider, the audience, and the judge. My Outlander inspired freestyle has over 9,000 views on Facebook. Click here to watch.

* Works with a Busy Schedule
* Great Option if you Lack Creativity
* Takes the Worry out of the Process
* Can be a lot of Fun to test out the Music and Choreography
* Additional Support and Encouragement

* Most Expensive
* Can be Frustrating waiting on the Designer
* You may end up on a Waiting List during busy Seasons
* You may have to pay for additional Edits and Changes

I hope that diving deeper into the Pros and Cons of each Freestyle Path has helped you decide on the best course of action for you. This blog post is Day Two of my Seven Day Freestyle Challenge (description below). Click here to begin with Day One.

Join the Seven Day Freestyle Challenge!

The purpose of this challenge is to help you overcome the biggest hurdle keeping you from the show arena...getting started! The challenge will help you gain momentum with small, daily action steps, inspiration, and encouragement to continue. You don't have to do this challenge in seven days, you can take as much time as you need. However, I do recommend that you go in order to follow the natural progression of your journey.  

Action Step for Today:

Go to the Create a Musical Freestyle Facebook Group and share your chosen freestyle path. Enter "Challenge Day Two" into the Search Bar to find the post for you to share your path and engage with others.

Announcing your path helps you focus on your goal without being overwhelmed by too many options. I will be there to cheer you on and you will have fun connecting with other riders that are taking the challenge as well. 

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